Fertility-Issues-at-Ashby-Center-of-Complementary-MedicineAcupuncture and Chinese herbs can increase your fertility and enhance I.V.F. treatments.

Acupuncture promotes blood flow to the uterus creating a thicker endometrial lining and healthier uterine environment.

Improves Chi, (life force) and increases overall energy in the reproductive system.

Lessens the side effects of fertility drugs and helps the body eliminate any toxicity from the procedures

Chinese herbs are super food to nourish and strengthen the reproductive system. The specifically prescribed herbs will balance hormones and regulate menstrual cycles and ovulation.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can also benefit men to increase sperm count and motility.

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for over 5,000 years to help with infertility.

Treatment Plan for Optimal Fertility

Dr. Kennedy will meet with you and your partner to learn more about your individual health history. We will discuss lifestyle factors that affect your health including diet, exercise, home and work environment and stress levels.

We will develop a treatment plan beginning with weekly acupuncture sessions lasting about one hour and an initial course of treatment consisting of 8-10 visits.

If you plan to undergo IVF treatments a special protocol is outlined by a European study which shows that eight acupuncture treatments, twice weekly for one month prior to transfer, increases blood flow to uterine arteries resulting in higher pregnancy rates.

Dr. Kennedy has been assisting women in their path to pregnancy since 1975. She has successfully aided hundreds of families in attaining healthy pregnancies. She loves to work with women to maintain a happy and harmonious pregnancy and delivery. She gave birth to two beautiful sons at home, naturally with the aid of acupuncture treatments throughout her pregnancy.

Please contact us for an initial consultation.