“I can’t say enough good things about Marti.  She is warm, compassionate, supportive and caring. When I first came to her, deeply depressed about a diagnosis of infertility, she helped me stay optimistic and always believed I would get pregnant.  She took the time to listen to me and tried a number of different approaches, and after 4 months seeing Marti, I got pregnant naturally, without any drugs or other technology.  I feel very blessed that I found her and am going back to have her help me conceive my second child. “

“Marti is an exceptionally gifted practitioner of Oriental Medicine. She has over 30 years experience and it shows in her diagnostic accuracy, bedside manner, and effectiveness as a healer. I recommend her highly for all ages and concerns…”

“Marti is an excellent acupuncturist with a huge knowledge and experience in her field. I was a client of hers before I moved back to Europe. I am overly happy that I chose her for acupuncture. Not only because she ‘solved’ my ‘health issue’ but also because I felt from the first treatment that she knows what she is doing and that I can trust her intuition and knowledge. I hope that I will find an acupuncturist like hers where I live now which is not so easy.”

Patient Testimonial“I’m a scientist and engineer from a scientific and academic family, who wants to know WHY things work more than most people, and who has HMO coverage but still sees her out of pocket. I don’t understand how she does it , but go because it obviously helps. Best I can tell is that she adds education, practical knowledge, and ancient wisdom, to what I can only guess is a personal art as well. This is not the only alternative medical practitioner I’ve tried. I rank her right up there with my chiropractor who I’ve seen for 20 yrs. In both cases I’ve learned to only use them exclusively.”

“Marti simply saved my daughter’s life. My daughter, Chloe Pang, a young concert pianist, developed ganglion cysts one month before submitting her Juilliard application and was highly recommended by an Exec-Direc of an orchestra she just performed with for their opening gala, who went to Marti 20 years ago, Thank goodness quality, reputation, and legacy live on. My daughter was able to play within a week (3 treatments) and is now a sophomore at Juilliard. We are forever indebted to Marti for her expertise, sense of urgency with each patient, and integrity.”

“I have referred many patients to Marti Lee over the past two decades and have always been impressed with her compassion, thoroughness, and her excellent care of my gynecologic and obstetric patients. When I suffered a spinal injury several years ago, I became one of Marti’s clients. Her treatments helped alleviate my pain. I loved her attentive care, the ambiance she created in her treatment center, and her excellent skill. I give her my highest recommendation.”

Patient Testimonial“Marti is both deeply compassionate and has a deep knowledge for the body. Her treatments send her patients into deep relaxation that heals from the inside out. I can’t say enough about Marti. Her charisma and touch are both contagious. Because of Marti, I delivered a very calm, healthy, and beautiful baby girl. I highly recommend Marti to anyone who needs a practitioner that both heals and cares.”

“I highly recommend Marti Kennedy as an acupuncturist and real healer. She not only has provided effective acupuncture treatment for me as a woman going through menopause, but she has given me specific lifestyle recommendations to help me take charge of my own healing process. Her personal and gentle style of practice makes it a joy to be a patient!”